Bannerman Island (Pollepel Island), NY
11 Oct 2003

Cold Spring Kayak Club (CSKC) occasionally paddles from Foundry Park in Cold Spring to Pollepel Island, the site of Bannerman home and warehouse.  They listed the paddle on their web site and, even though Mary & I are not members, allowed us to join them.

The island is maintained by volunteers (read a lot more about the island, it's history and the organization at and the CSKC will sometimes paddle to the island and assist in maintenance and cleanup of the island in exchange for a tour (the island is normally off limits to people).

Mary and John were asked to weed a garden.  After we were done with the garden we ate some lunch then got a tour of the island.  Thank you to Bannerman Castle Trust for letting us tour the island and to CSKC for allowing to join in.  And, yes, we probably will volunteer again.
Carl paddling towards Bannerman Island
Paddling in the Hudson Highlands
Pollepel Island (Bannerman Island) in the Hudson River
Bannerman Island
The Warehouse on Bannermand Island
I believe, at one time, this was the support for a pier
We paddled under the arch (watch out for the dangling rebar)
Mary weeds the garden
John wondering what he got himself into
View from Bannerman Island looking south
Mary & John in front of what was the warehouse
The warehouse
Another view of the warehouse
Still another view of the warehouse
Fireplace inside the remains of the house
Mary in front of the house
The house
The garden Mary & John weeded - as seen from the house
Paddle wheel river tour ship in the background as Carl & Mary paddle for Cold Spring
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