Copake Lake, NY
31 August 2003

Mary & John looking at local maps kept seeing this large lake that wasn't too far from home.  One weekend we pack up the kayaks and gear and head towards the lake.

We find the lake but encounter one small problem.  The lake seems completely lined by private property with no access for non-locals.  We asked someone at the marina/boat ramp about putting in and were told there is no place to do that.  We didn't give up that easy.

We found a corner of the lake, by the junction of two streets, a small parking lot and all that was between us and the lake was guard rail and a steep bank.  We sat and thought about it for a few minutes.  While discussing the situation an SUV pulls up with two kayaks on the roof.  We watch them start to unload and asked about putting in here.  They told us this is the only place for non-residents to put-in and that lots of people do it.

We unpacked and went kayaking.
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Copake lake with private floating swimming platforms
Ramp and roadway leads to seaplane and large estate
Mary paddling in Copake Lake
Shoreline showing private docks and boats
Mary resting at put-in location at corner of the lake
Island in Copake Lake (posted - no trespassing) but many people anchor nearby and swim in the shallows
The majestic Bald eagle soaring HIGH overhead
We hope you enjoy our photos