Hearns Pond, DE
26 August 003

Still visiting with Fran & Pooch (Mary's sister and brother-in-law).

Tried another lake/pond in the area.  This one is not a park but has houses lining the shore on one end of the pond.  Most of the pond looks pretty natural.  Saw a few birds.  Nice quiet pond for a paddle.
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Sign for Hearns Pond
View of the natural end of pond
View of the natural end of pond
Great blue heron near the shore
Mary paddling on Hearns Pond
Some Double-crested cormorants in a tree over the pond
Great blue heron caught in flight
An osprey flying over the pond
scenic shot of the pond
The pond flows into this area (see the turtles on the log - left side of picture)
Mary resting after lunch (you can tell by the green on the kayak that we just finished paddling)
John after a days paddle and a good lunch
Hope you enjoyed these pictures of Hearns Pond