Tivoli Bays, Tivoli NY
9 August 2003

Mary's turn for trying out a new boat.  This time we went to Tivoli Bay.  When the railroad built it's line along the Hudson River it created some bays that, to get in or out of the bay, you have to slide under a low train bridge.

Mary's new kayak is also a Swift.  She got the Caspian Sea.  It is 15' 2" long and 24" wide.  A very nice stable kayak.
A beautiful red flower on the shore of the bay (we couldn't identify it)
Mary paddling her new boat
Panoramic view of the bay
John's kayak next to floating dock at end of stairs to dry land access to the Bay
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Mary & John meet another kayaker
Mary heads for train bridge and way out of bay
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