Tivoli Bays, NY
29 August 2003

A fun half day paddle around the marsh that is called Tivoli Bays.  Tivoli Bays is divided into 2 parts, the north and the south.  We have explored the north bay a couple of times but I'm not even sure if you can kayak in the south bay.
View from beach in Tivoli (end of Main St.) where we launch our kayaks
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Another view from the launch 'beach'
The train bridge we have to kayak under to get in & out of Tivoli Bays
I believe it used to be a duck blind
Picture of the mud as the water recedes
Mary in Tivoli Bays
Train going over our only entrance/exit for the bay
Monarch butterfly hitches a ride with John
View of Bay from bottom of (long) trail to parking area (mostly uphill)
Mary enjoys the view while restin and eating lunch on a floating dock