Trap Pond
A Delaware State Park
25 August 2003
Still on our Delaware kayaking trip we paid a visit to Trap Pond.  Even though we went in the middle of the day, we went on a week day, so there were very few other people around.  So few that it was kind of surprising for the month of August.

The pond was a nice place for a days paddle.  Many turtles, a couple of Great blue herons and a great egret.  There many bald cypress trees growing around the pond.
Trap Pond street sign
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Great egret with pretty pond in the background
Mary gets in her kayak
Great blue heron standing on log surrounded by lily pads
Large turtle and a great blue heron
Small turtle sunning itself on the back of a very large turtle
Mary paddling on Trap Pond
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More bald cypress
John poses for paddling picture on Trap Pond