Trussum Pond, DE
25 August 2003

Mary & John took a trip to Delaware in August of 2003.  We stayed with Mary's sister & brother-in-law, Fran & Pooch.  We spent most of the days kayaking in local ponds and lakes.

This is the first pond we chose to kayak in Delaware.

It's a kind of strange place.  At first glance it looks like a huge lawn with strange colored grass.  On closer inspection you realize that the grass is actually some tiny green plants completely covering the surface of the pond.

I later found out that the plants were 'Duck weed'.  They are tiny plants that stick to everything that enters the water and feel pretty gross when they cover your lower legs.
Sign for Trussum Pond
The pond is covered in a layer of duckweed.
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Mary stands next to clean kayaks wondering "What could be living under all that duckweek?"
Mary stalling for time rechecks her PFD....again!
John trying very hard to keep his feet out of the water...and the duckweed
John wondering what he got himself into
Mary's boat turns green as she tries to shove off
Some bald cypress growing in the pond
Large turtle sunning on tiny island (even the poor turtle is covered in green stuff)
Bald cypress grow all around the pond
Great blue heron in the trees
Mary looks at dirty green kayaks...and is glad to be out of the water
The clean, clear water you see is coming from the green pond we just kayaked
Hope you enjoyed the pictures