Rob & Dana
Visit NY & Kayak on the Hudson River
Germantown south
22 August 2004
This was Rob's second time kayaking (first on the Hudson River and first time on SOT).  This was Dana's first time kayaking ever.  Both of them did great.

We put in at the Germantown boat launch and seeing that the tide was very low we headed south so that when the tide started coming in it would be an easy paddle back north.  We took out at a park on the river we didn't know about until we stopped there for lunch.  Cheviot Park on Cheviot Road.  Not sure what the town or village is.

The river did have a surprise for us.  The tide was out and even in kayaks I hit bottom a few hundred feet from shore.  I have a picture of an immature bald eagle standing in the water over a hundred feet from the shore line.  (But you can't tell what the bird is in the pic)
Possible duck blind in the middle of the river (at the edge of the shoals
Dana in red Rob in Blue with Catskills in the background
Gull eating a dead fish
Hope you enjoyed the pictures!
 John in park donning pfd
John near tiny island
John paddling
Mary resting
Rob, Dana & Mary (left to right)
Rob & Dana (Mary is kinda in there too)
Rob & Dana taking a break
Rob & Dana resting (again)  oh...that's a cement plant across the river
Rob and Dana resting (still)
Rob & Dana at lunch stop
Rob, Dana & Mary....taking a break
Rob & Dana paddling (wow)
Scenic cement plant
Scenic Hudson River
Shoals, gull, railroad tracks & houses
Tree frog on kayak (he stayed with me all the way back)
Colorful ultralight (parasailor?)
Mary's son
Rob's girlfriend
Rest cursor on picture for description
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