Rondout Creek Paddle
28 August 2004
Cold Spring Kayak Club members (not a club scheduled paddle)
Nine of us met and paddled the Rondout Creek in Kingston, NY.

We launched from the Kingston Point Park (at the end of Delaware Ave) into the Hudson River.

Paddled around the Rondout Lighthouse.  Construction started in 1913, first lit on 25 August 1915.  For more information visit the
Hudson River Maritime Museum web page (

We paddled up the Rondout Creek past the Rondout section of Kingston, many (and I do mean many) private power boats, tug boats, barges (some even still floating) a gravel mine, a metal scrap yard, at least one floating dry dock and some beautiful homes.
  There were even a few other kayakers on the creek that day.

We went as far as a kayak can go in the water (waterfalls) and found a pull out for lunch where we celebrated Steve's birthday.  A few then went to the waterfall to play in the water while the rest looked around the area and chatted.

On the way back a practice rescue was performed.

All in all a beautiful day.  A very nice paddle.
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Hope you enjoyed the pictures
Kingston Point Park
Kayakers in Rondout Creek
Boats at Hudson River Maritime Museum
Pleasure boats line the shore 9W bridge looms overhead
Duck family living on sunken barge complete with bushes and a tree
Kayakers having water fight, many more pleasure craft, train trestle
Kayaks going under train trestle
Remains of building - smoke stack in the woods
Unique house at water's edge
Gravel mine
Water fight again (and marks from bad film processing)
Unusual bridge, kayakers and waterfall in background
Unique bridge
Kayakers looking at waterfall
Mary in front of waterfall
The gang's all here...including the photographer of the last 'Gang's all here'...
On the Hudson - headed towards the Rondout Lighthouse
Paddling on the Hudson...Beautiful scenery...geese flying just doesn't get any better!
Waiting and chatting next to Rondout Lighthouse
The group paddles past the Rondout Lighthouse
Almost in the Rondout Creek
Start of the Ronout Creek
KOSCO welcomes us to Kingston
Paddling past tugs and barges
The photo developer I used damaged some of the pics.  Sorry for marks and odd colors on a few of the images.