Saugerties Lighthouse
Esopus Creek

11 September 2004
We had nice weather on what we thought could be our last weekend to paddle of the year.  We were right.  This did turn out to be our last two paddles (we also went out on the 12th.

We put in at the end of Main Street in Tivoli, NY.  From there we crossed the Hudson River and headed north toward Saugerties.  We found the Saugerties Lighthouse at the mouth of the Esopus Creek.

We paddled up the Esopus as far as we could.  There is a waterfall that prevents further travel.  The waterfall is near the town and almost under a Route-9W bridge.

We turned around and headed back out of the Esopus.  Once back in the Hudson we headed north again into new (for us) territory.  We found a sandy beach to pull out, stretch our legs and back and have lunch.

After lunch we headed east across the Hudson River.  Once near the eastern shore we followed it south back to Tivoli and that ended our paddle.
Map of the days paddle route
Hope you have enjoyed viewing our pictures
Hudson River with Catskill Mntns in background
Mary with Catskill Mntns in background
John paddles towards Saugerties Lighthouse
Headed toward Saugerties Lighthouse
Saugerties Light - South side
John paddles under foot bridge at Saugerties Lighthouse
Mary poses on north side of Saugerties Lighthouse
Mary poses on north side of Saugerties Lighthouse
John near Saugerties Lighthouse with fishermen in background
Parking place 'Reserved for Amphicar'
Mary takes picture of John taking pictures of houses on Esopus Creek
Panoramic of power boats on the Esopus Creek
Esopus Creek scenery
Esopus Creek waterfalls with Route-9W bridge above it
Mary poses in front of Esopus Creek waterfalls
John poses in front of waterfalls
John paddling past 'Cormorant Rock Island'
Cormorants line the shore of 'Rock Island'
Look thru the trees - see the small waterfalls?
Scenic Hudson River view
Great Blue Heron on branch over river
Tug pulls something very large past while we break for lunch
Tanker goes by during lunch break
Great Blue Heron sits on blind in Hudson River
View across the Hudson of the Catskill Mountains
Panoramic view of the Catskill Mountains
View of Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge