Schodack Island State Park
23 Sep 2004
These are photos of our last paddle of the year.  Bummer :-(

We decided to try Schodack Island State Park.  Nice park.  The main trailer boat launch looks well maintained and effective.  The handlaunch kayak/canoe launch on the other hand....

First the signs about where to park are confusing.  Second the area for parking is about 1/4 mile to the kayak launch.  We didn't have our kayak dolly with us (never leave home without it!).  We thought the best method would be to unpack the car, load the kayaks then carry them towards the water.  I didn't think I put a lot of gear in my kayak.  On a long carry is seems much heavier.

We would carry one kayak aways down the trail then put it down.  Take a slow walk back to the other kayak.  Pick it up and carry it to were the first one is.  Rest a little, then start all over.  It took awhile to get both kayaks to the water.

There is one area where the path is steep enough for stairs.  They put in a slide for canoes.  I figure it was designed for canoes because the kayaks were too thin to slide well.  They didn't really rest on the carpeted slide area.  They were working on a ramped section of the path but it was muddy and being worked on.

Once at the dock the floating kayak ramp worked well.  The only problem is that it seems to sit too high in the water.  Getting from the dock to the water is no problem.  Getting the boat from the water back onto the dock alone was tough.  The bow of the kayak hit the dock too hard.  Worked much better if someone was standing on water end of the dock to drop it down alittle then the kayak slid right on up.
Map of paddle route
Trail leading from parking area to handlaunch dock
Stairs and canoe/kayak slide on path to river
Floating handlaunch canoe/kayak dock
Mary with kayak half on the floating dock
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Train & I-90 (part of NY State Thruway system) bridges over the park and The Hudson River
18-wheelers on I-90 over Hudson River and park
Train passing over Hudson River & park
Underside of I-90 bridge
Watertrail heading north from floating dock
View of trail headed north from dock
Trail ends due to debris trapped under train bridge
Dock and surrounding area
Mary on the Hudson between the mainland and Schodack Island
Scenic view of area
View of the water trail
View of the water trail
View of Schodack Island