Basha Kill, NY
28 May 2005

Our first local paddle of the season.  Hoped to paddle more of the lake than we have in the past, but the weather didn't agree.  We almost made it to the osprey nest when we heard the first clap of thunder and paddled back to the car.

The day was shorter than we had hoped but any day we can lift the kayaks off the car, put them in the water and paddle for a couple of hours is a great day!
John unloading the car
Mary caught in the act of trying to take a picture
Dead tree trunks surrounded by water and lush water plants
More dead tree trunks and more lush vegetation
Great blue heron watching us watch him
Great blue heron flying away from us
Red-winged black bird singing from tree top
Mary getting her kayak after a lunch break
Eastern Kingbird
Unknown beautiful blooming bush
Another Red-winged black bird singing
John exploring the lake shoreline
Mary takes a picture of John taking a picture
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