Catskill Creek, Catskill, NY
25 Jun 2005

We had been in the beginning section of Catskill Creek a couple of times and kept saying that we wanted to see how far in we could paddle.  This trip was to paddle up the creek until we couldn't paddle any further.

It ends at the Route 9W bridge.  There is water on the other side of the bridge but it is very shallow and loaded with boulders and left no room for 17' kayaks.

We paddled upstream to the end then headed back a little ways before taking a break.  The day was hot and humid so Mary decided to take a quick dip to cool off.  We stopped for lunch where we saw picnic table set up on the bank of the creek.
Bridge at the end of the line.  As far as we could go
Map of day's paddle
John paddling towards the route 385 bridge
A large bush with flowers that look like Queen Ann's Lace
Route 9W bridge - end of the creek for us
Mary paddles between boulders just below the surface
Headed towards the train bridge
Mary takes a dip to cool off
Mary cooling off
Mary had to go pretty far across to find deep water
Looking up under the bridge
Hope you enjoyed the pictures
Looking across the creek during lunch break
View downriver from lunch break area
Picnic tables and screened gazebo across the road from the local high school
Two people fishing from the bank while we have lunch
Another view from lunch break area
Route 385 bridge over the Catskill Creek
Boats moored along the creek shore line
Dragon fly along for the ride
Area at the end of Main Street Catskill, NY
View of the Hudson River
John out running barge on the Hudson (just kidding...I'm really way out of the way)
Barge on the Hudson River
Another view of the barge
A shallow area of the Hudson
Another view of the Hudson River
John points something out to Mary
The Rip Van Winkle Bridge
Tour boat passing under the Rip Van Winkle Bridge
Hudson River cruise tour boat