Constitution Island
Cold Spring Kayak Club paddle
5 Jun 2005

I would like to thank the group members of Cold Spring Kayak Club (CSKC) that organized the paddle, tour and BBQ on Constitution Island.  I would also like to thank Roddy for the informative tours. Last, but not least, I want to thank Carl for his outstanding BBQing ability.

The group met at Foundry Cove which is next to the Cold Spring train station parking lot.  We gathered up our kayaks and gear and headed south.  After kayaking around the cliffs that are Constitution Island we took out on a small rocky beach on the island.

After a brief, get out of water gear and put on walking/hiking gear break, we got a history of the island from Roddy.  Then he led us on a short tour to one of the Fort Constitution area.

After a relaxing walk to a pavilion, it was lunch time.  This was the first CSKC BBQ that I had the pleasure of attending.  They put on quite a spread.  Thanks again to all who had a hand in shopping for and preparing the BBQ.

Next was a hike to the highest point of the island complete with history of the remains still visible.  Then Back to the pavilion with some good company before the paddle back to Foundry Cove and home.

It was a very nice day all around.
The kayakers (and one peddler) start the trip
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More people taking to the water for the paddle
View of Foundry Cove as we wait for the rest of the group
Mary waiting for the group
The CSKC group heading south past some beautiful scenery
Paddling south with West Point for a backdrop
That peddle pontoon boat really did move
Some steep cliffs on the island
John paddling past the cliffs of Constitution Island
The beach that marks the end of the paddle and the start of the tour
On the island - getting out of kayak gear and putting on walking gear
View of the Hudson River & a reproduction of the Great Chain
Plaque about Fort Constitution area
View of the Island and the Valley
The group listening to Roddy
John poses next to cannon
Close up of cannon
hmmmm.....wonder if the cannon works
Carl doing a great job with the BBQ