Coxsackie, NY
15 July 2005

Launched from Riverside Park, a NY State boat launch in Coxsackie, NY.  We paddled north between the western bank and Coxsackie Island.  Mary noticed our first bald eagle in a tree.  We continued north on the west side of Rattlesnake Island (not really an is connected to the mainland).  We saw the same eagle in another tree on our way out to the main part of the Hudson.

We paddled between the two islands into the Hudson.  We stopped for lunch just north of Rattlesnake Island.  Right after lunch we found another mature bald eagle.  Just north of that eagle we saw 3 immature eagles in the same tree.  I took one of my best pictures EVER of one of the immature eagles.

We paddled a couple of more miles north then headed back to the boat ramp.  We managed to take a few more pictures of a couple more eagles and we saw a few we didn't get any photos of.  What a great paddle!
NY State boat launch park
View from the boat ramp area looking north
Yacht club in Coxsackie
A great blue heron on a branch in the grass
map of trip
Great blue heron in flight
John paddling north toward Coxsackie Island
John paddling near Coxsackie shore
John paddling Coxsackie yacht club
Coxsackie shoreline
John taking pictures of first bald eagle
Bald eagle in tree
Bald Eagle
Another shot of the bald eagle
...and another view
Last pose for this eagle
close up of eagle
Bald eagle flying away from us
Great blue heron in a tree
Flying great blue heron
Good view of the Rattlesnake Island dead end
Look half way down the pine tree that stands out in the middle of the picture...see the eagle?
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