Coxsackie, New York
24 July 2005

Talking with Paul on one of the paddles we found out that neither Paul nor his wife Michele had ever seen a bald eagle in the wild (and known what they were looking at).  We invited Paul & Michele on a paddle out of Coxsackie, where we had seen several bald eagles the previous week.

I'm happy to report that they were not disappointed.  We saw many bald eagles, one green heron and several great blue herons.

It was a very nice day on the water.  Good company and good birding.
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Map of route taken
Paul & Michele paddle past Canada Goose filled beach
John paddles near the yacht club in Coxsackie, NY
Michele at beginning of days paddle
Thick pine forest grows down to the water's edge and in areas the water is covered with grasses
Photo by Paul
John looking at Bald Eagle while Paul & Michele catch up
Bald Eage in tree (first eagle of the day)
Another picture of the Bald Eagle
Another pose by the Bald Eagle
Paul & Michele see their first Bald Eagle
Little Green Heron walking on the top of the grasses
An immature Bald Eagle in a tree
Another view of the immature Bald Eagle
The immature Bald Eagle in flight
Looking north between the west bank of the Hudson River & Rattlesnake Island
Another view of the area near Rattlesnake Island
Paul & John exploring the shoreline
John taking a photo of ???
Another look at the Rattlesnake Island area
Old wooden barge left to rot
Panoramic of the area
We found yet another immature Bald Eagle