Norwalk Islands, Connecticut
16 July 2005

A three club paddle.  ConnYaks, Sebago & Cold Spring Kayak Club.

Met in Westport, CT at a state boat ramp under the I-95 bridge over the Saugatuck River.  Once many people present launch in the river and head south.

Out the mouth of the river into the sound.  Paddled near and around several islands then stopped for lunch on Shea Island.  After lunch a few of us opted out of the paddle around Shea Island.  We headed for calm water behind the island and waited for the main group to finish the circumnavigation of Shea Island.  Once we were all back together again we headed back to the boat ramp.

The water kicked up a little making the trip back even more interesting.  Once in the Saugatuck River we had to wait for a sailboat race to pass.
Chatting it up before the launch
Getting ready to launch
Launching under I-95
Snowy egret in the Saugatuck River
Closer view of the Snowy egret
Another shot of the Snowy egret
Gazebo on a rock
Passing under a train bridge
On the Long Island Sound
Kayakers in the foreground, CT in the background
A gaggle of kayakers on the LI Sound
Passing an island
Look at all the kayaks
Two kayakers
Kayakers clustering up
The Shea Island lunch stop
Lunch Time
Kayaks lined up on the beach
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After lunch discussions
Lots of talking going on