Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge
Delaware (state of)
30 July 2005

Went to Delaware to visit with Mary's sister, Fran.  We just happened to have brought our kayaks with us and decided to go out and play.

On a map we found Prime Hook NWR on the coast of Delaware.  The internet showed that the NWR had a Visitors Center and a canoe trail.  About an hour from Fran's we found the park and the Visitors Center.  Very helpful people in the center and a boat launch off the Visitors Center parking lot.

We followed the canoe trail for about 3 miles and turned around.  We saw alot of plant life and a few birds (Osprey, Purple Martins, American Goldfinch, Great Blue Heron & Green Heron).

A very pleasant flatwater days paddle.
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Map of day's paddle
Mary with kayaks ready to go - boat ramp near Visitor Center
American Bullfrog right next to the boat launch
View of the canoe water trail looking from the Visitors Center boat ramp
Blooming Lily pad
Very native and natural looking area
A hiking trail follows the canoe trail to this corner.  This is a raised platform for bird watching.
Left sign is marker for canoe trail.  Right sign is pointer to bird watching blinds.
John with sign pointing to bird watching blind
Mary in her kayak enjoying the National Wildlife Refuge
Glossy Ibis flies over head
John paddles thru a very flat park
Mary examines something on shore
What looks like birds are actually tree stumps and branches on the bank
Osprey watches us from a tree branch
The Osprey about to take flight
The Osprey in flight
Flowers of the 'Marsh Mallow' plant
Lone American Goldfinch