RamsHorn/Livingston Wildlife Sanctuary
19 Jun 2005

Mary and John paddled from Dutchman's Landing (a park in Catskill, NY) past the mouth of the Catskill Creek.

First we did a little detour into Dubois Creek.  We went as far as we could until the creek was very narrow and blocked by trees in the water.  Tough place to turn around in 17 foot long kayaks!

Next we entered and paddled the RamsHorn Creek.  We paddled as far as we could.  At the end an Audubon boardwalk blocked the way and the water on the other side looked more like a marsh.  We did see what we think was a beaver and many trees cut down by beavers.

All in all a very nice place for a quiet flat water paddle.
Map of day's paddle
Sign for Dutchmen's Landing (Put in & take out)
Fire Department Memorial at Dutchmen's Landing
John entering Dubois Creek
John in Dubois Creek
Alot of lush growth in Dubois Creek area
Look at all the green
Felt like the walls were closing in
The end of the road for Dubois Creek
Mary fighting to turn her kayak around
Very shallow water around here
Parts of the Hudson are marsh
The entrance to RamsHorn Creek
Mary at the beginning of the RamsHorn Creek
John on the RamsHorn Creek
A duck nest box at the creek's edge
Wild iris
Wildlife Sanctuary sign
Several trees falling towards the RamsHorn Creek
John on the RamsHorn
Mary follows John up the RamsHorn