Charity Swim Support
Newburgh to Beacon
4 September 2005

A charity swim to raise money for a river pool in the Hudson River.  Raised almost $15,000 towards the pool.  This was the second year for the swim.

The river pool is a project of folksinger Pete Seeger.

The plan is to design and build a pool which allows Hudson River water to flow through it.  It is supposed to be installed in the Beacon area.

The kayakers are used to support the swimmers.  A safe place to rest or a way to notify someone the swimmer needs help.
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Paul talks with another kayaker while waiting to head to Newburgh
Fred dons his PFD before peddling away
Kayakers suiting up in preparation for paddling across the Hudson River to meet the swimmers
The Newburgh-Beacon Bridge - just north of the swim area
A couple of rocks sticking out of the water make good resting places for some gulls
The first launched kayakers chat while waiting for others to start
View of the Newburgh waterfront
Kayakers waiting for the rest to launch - Newburgh-Beacon Bridge in the background
Looking back towards Beacon
Building right on waterfront is Torches On The Hudson - We used their marina to start the swim
Torches On The Hudson marina with spectators & swimmers starting to gather
Kayakers waiting for the swimmers
More kayakers gather and wait for swimmers
Torches On The Hudson's marina with kayakers & spectators
Swimmers start to gather on the dock for a demonstration of how to hold onto a kayak (and not roll the kayak)
Kayakers & swimmers gathering for the demonstration
Rescue demonstration starts - can't see it thru all the kayaks
Demonstration over - swimmers about to enter the river