M.S. Charity Swim Support
Piermont to Irvington
11 September 2005

The event was a charity swim to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.  The swimmers had to raise pledges to participate.

The kayakers could either get pledges or pay out the $25 minimum pledge to take part.  The kayakers are there to support the swimmers.  If the swimmers need to rest they can hang onto the bow of the kayak.  All kayakers were required to carry a whistle, and if needed, they could use it to call for help for a swimmer.  There were power boats available if a swimmer felt the need to get out of the water.

There were police and rescue boats upriver and downriver to keep all boat traffic clear of the swimmers.

The swimmers and kayakers met up and registered in Irvington.  As the kayakers paddled over to Piermont the swimmers were bused over.  Once all were ready the swimmers and kayakers headed back to Irvington.
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Lining up the kayaks at the start of the day
Booths set up for swimmer registration & to feed the swimmers & kayakers
The parking lot filling up with cars of the swimmers & kayakers
The swimmer registration tent
Preparing for the days paddle
A lot of boats and a lot of paddlers getting ready for the event
Carl next to his kayak
Many people milling about smartly waiting for the event to start
While the swimmers ride buses the kayakers paddle over to Piermont
The Tappan Zee Bridge
Another shot of the Tappan Zee Bridge
Looking south on the Hudson River the Manhattan skyline is visible
Kayakers crossing the Hudson to Piermont
The western bank of the Hudson River near Piermont
Condos or apartments on the base of the peninsula at Piermont
More kayakers headed towards Piermont
. . . and still more kayakers make their way to Piermont
Kayaks start filling the small beach in Piermont
Many kayaks and kayakers
That is a lot of kayaks with some expensive condos or apartments in the background
Many kayaks on the beach and still more coming in
The beach is covered in kayaks
Some kayakers seem to be having trouble getting to the beach
According to the organizers this is the most kayaks ever in one place on the Hudson - 178 kayaks