Tivoli to Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge
23 July 2005

We decided to paddle from Tivoli to under and past the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge.

We left Tivoli and headed south. All was going smooth.  We stopped for lunch just past South Tivoli Bay.  While sitting there having our lunch we noticed the wind picking up and the chop kicking up.  By the time we finished lunch there were some white caps showing.  We decided to head back to Tivoli.  The bridge would have to wait for another day.

The wind was blowing faster right in our faces making the paddle back harder.  We noticed that we were the only ones on the river and think we understood why.  If it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger.  Right?  We must be getting much stronger!
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Barge about to pass under the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge
Magdalen Island and Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge
John heading around Cruger Island
Channel marker next to Cruger Island
Cruger Island with marsh
Another view of Cruger Island with marsh
John paddling next to Cruger Island
The Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge (under repairs)
Train bridge leading into South Tivoli Bay
Mary paddling towards the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge
Getting closer to the bridge
Mary paddling down the Hudson
John during lunch break
Looking north during lunch stop
Looking south from lunch stop
View of lunch stop area
Another view of lunch stop area
John during rest break on back of Cruger Island
View of shallow area of Cruger Island