Wallkill River
New Paltz, NY
27 August 2005

Looking for some place new to paddle we noticed directions to a boat launch on the Wallkill River in New Paltz, New York.   We have never been there.

We put in at the DEC boat launch near the Route 299 bridge over the Wallkill River.  We decide to head south, upriver.  After about half a mile we ran into water too shallow for even our kayaks to get past.

We turn around and head north, down river.  We paddle north for a couple of miles.  Shortly after pass a train bridge now used for a walking/biking trail we decide to turn around and head for home.
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Road sign for DEC boat launch
Mary getting into her kayak
White ducks and Mallards (with some ducklings)
Another picture of the ducks and ducklings
Green Heron
Beautiful scenery on the river
A slow moving river.  The Shawangunk Ridge is just visible
A better view of the Shawangunk Ridge
A Great Blue Heron at the rivers edge
Shawangunk Mountain visitble between the trees
Almost back to the put in point
Passing the DEC boat ramp - Two other boaters can be seen about to put in
Tall building near New Paltz - Part of the Suny Campus?
Great Blue Heron standing in the Wallkill River
Great Blue Heron flies away from us
Great Blue Heron lands a little ahead of us
Route 299 bridge over the Wallkill River
Another view of the Route 299 bridge in New Paltz
Signs on the Route 299 bridge (looks like the bridge needs some paint)
Okay...what Mary does when she is bored with the scenery?      Takes a photo of John in his kayak
...and another picture of John in his kayak...
...and...surprise surprise...yet another shot of John in his kayak
A boy and a man in a canoe
A lot of fallen trees in the water
Amoung all those limbs - a Great Blue Heron
A better view of the Great Blue Heron