Wallkill River, NY
10 September 2005

Armed with a map and a desire to paddle a different section of the Wallkill River we drove to the Rifton Sturgeon Pond.  This is the end of the Wallkill River just before it empties into the Rondout Creek.  We followed the shoreline of the pond and the Wallkill River, but ended back at the same DEC boat ramp we had use before.

We did paddle into new territory and see new parts of the river but about 3 miles of the paddle was over the same parts of the river we had done before.  From the DEC launch in New Paltz we paddled about 6.5 miles before turning around.

Total miles paddled for the day about 13.
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Mary looks around
Felt like we had the river to ourselves until we did see another kayaker
John next to the tree lined river bank
Following the river north towards Kingston
Shows the thick tree growth on both banks
A Great Blue Heron flies over the river
Mary takes a picture of John taking a picture
An old train bridge that is used for a walking/biking trail
Mary passing under the old train bridge
Mary paddles past the walking/biking trail
The river had a green or brown hue to it
A dog playing fetch with someone on the river bank
Clear sky, smooth water, a lot of nature...what more could you ask for?
Red-tailed Hawk circling high overhead
Another view of the Red-tailed Hawk
A bunch of Mourngin Doves in a tree
View downriver - see the pontoon boat?
Now I know you can see the pontoon boat.
Beautiful clear skies with just a few clouds
Looks like an oil painting with the tree reflected in the calm water
What a beautiful day