Wallkill River Autumn Paddle
5 November 2005

Mary and I had been trying to kayak the Wallkill River in autumn for a few weeks.  The weather, work schedules or other things we had to do kept getting in the way.

On Saturday 5 November 2005 we finally made it.  We put in about 4 miles from New Paltz at a D.E.C. hand launch site.

We kayaked from the hand launch area past the NYS Thruway until we saw a sign on the bank that read "DANGER - Do not proceed beyond this point - Waterfall ahead".  We thought this might a good place to turn around and head back to the car.

It turned out to be a beautiful day for a paddle.  The weather was great, short sleeve temperatures and clear and sunny.  The colors were past prime and a lot of the trees were a dull brown instead of the yellows and reds they were a couple of weeks earlier.  The surprise was that we only saw 2 other boaters on the water.
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Hope you enjoyed our pictures
Map of our trip
DEC hand launch access sign
John in his kayak ready to push off from the floating dock
John, the Wallkill River and some fall foliage
Wallkill River autumn foliage
Wallkill River autumn foliage
More autumn foliage
More autumn foliage
Nice autumn color
The Wallkill River
Nice reflections
November paddle - many of the trees already dropped their leaves
John paddling near the river bank
John in the lead down river
An old fashioned red barn along the river
A Great Blue Heron flies through the trees
This could be a painting
Mary poses near a windmill
The windmill thru the trees
A Great Blue Heron on a fallen tree
A Great Blue Heron
The Great Blue Heron keeps an eye on us