The Cabin
19 August 2006
Adirondack Vacation
Left home fairly early in the morning and arrived at the cabin around noon.  Once inside we found out that we had to install the main fuse blocks to get power and lights.  The day was overcast and dark and dreary and our flashlights were packed in the back of the pick-up truck.  Somewhere.

We got the power on and lights plugged in so we could see.  The place was definitely rustic.  No TV.  No internet.  No phone.  Even our cell phones couldn't get a signal here.  Talk about out of touch.

We moved in, unpacked and settled down.  The day was very rainy so we stayed home and tried to plan the week.
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Mary moves into her temporary kitchen
Mary - in the kitchen unpacking & organizing
Another view of the kithen
View of the living room from the kitchen
Another view of the living room
We sure filled up the living room fast
Living room . . . again
The front bedroom
The back bedroom
The screened in back porch looking west
The screened in back porch looking east