Clear Pond Paddle
21 August 2006
Adirondack Vacation
We got from Rich Lake early enough to unload the kayaks and paddle the little behind the cabin, Clear Pond.

Small pond, very clear water.  I'm glad the water is clear because pond water is pumped to the house.  No well.  Just pond water.

Web sites and maps show that you can paddle between Clear Pond and Eaton Lake . . . let me tell you, you cannot.  Eaton Lake has a small overflow which goes to a pipe then into Clear Pond.

<1 mile paddle
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Hope you enjoy the pictures
Map of paddle
Couple from a few doors down paddling a canoe
Same couple - other side of the pond
Mary launches from our little beach
John getting situated in his kayak
The one-lane (2 direction) bridge we use to get to our cabin
View of Clear Pond
A very nice area to stay
John about to take a picture of something
Our cabin thru the trees
Some ducks sleeping on a big rock
Lots of lilies and other water plants
The row boat, the lilies - I love this picture
A purple water plant
Mary paddles thru the lilies
John at the end of another nice paddle