The Natural History Museum
of the Adirondacks

(The Wild Center)
23 August 2006
Adirondack Vacation
The weather reports weren't that good for today.  Rainy with a chance of thunderstorm.  Tempting to try kayaking anyway, but what else could we do?

With no TV or internet we had been listening to a lot of radio.  The station out of Saranac Lake has been talking about 'The Wild Center', a new nature museum in Tupper Lake, every day.  We head for the museum.

The place is very new.  Only opened last month.  Too new in fact to have a functioning parking lot.  Follow the signs and you end up entering a public school parking lot, out the other end on to a dirt trail.  The trail goes around the school ball fields and into the woods.  You keep going through the woods to an open field where someone is telling you where to park.

The place is very interesting with a very 'hands on' approach to science.  They have a nature trail from the museum to the Raquette River.  The place is definitely worth a look-see.
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The 'Wild Center' logo (it's a River Otter, Cattail & fish)
River Otter in a nice display.
He was so fast it was hard to get a picture
The River Otter came over to say 'Hi'
Dang - he is quick!
The River Otter looks at the people
The people watching the River Otter
A large aquarium full of Brook Trout
Another aquarium with a variety of fish species
John watching the fish