Lake Harris Paddle
24 August 2006
Adirondack Vacation
Forecast is for a nice but overcast day.  No mention of rain.  We decide to do Lake Harris, right next to Rich Lake which we have already done.

Lake Harris is part state owned & controlled and part private property.  The village of Newcomb has a town park/beach/boat ramp on the lake.

We try to put in at the boat ramp but the area is overflowing with cars.  It seems the town is having a party for senior citizens at the town park and they got a huge turn out.  I never would have guessed a little town like that would have that many people at a park on a work day.

We put in at the DEC campground/day use area.  They direct us to a sandy beach to put in.  We paddle the lake and stop for lunch at the town park.  The people are thinning out and the band wraps up while we are eating.

We wanted to paddle a little part of the Hudson River that flows thru a corner of the lake but the current was picking up and once you pass a certain place you are going with the flow whether you want to or not.  We chickened out.
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John carries the kayak wheels back to the truck
Map of the paddle
Some pretty flowers at the put-in
The kayaks loaded, ready & waiting for the day's paddle
Lake Harris scenery
Belted Kingfisher with a large fish
Belted Kingfisher with a large fish
Blue-winged Teal ducks sleeping on a rock
The DEC campground
Ducks take shelter under a canoe
Some young ducks on a rock
The Newcomb public beach & park with senior party
Lake Harris scenery
A juvenile Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
A juvenile Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
Several high water marks on teh boulders
Mary paddles on Lake Harris