18 Jun 2006 

Our first paddle of the year!

We launched from The DEC Athens boat ramp just north of the village of Athens.  Headed into Murderer's Creek.  You can go just past route 385 bridge when rocks and debris stop travel.

Out of Murderer's Creek back into the Hudson River.  Follow the west shore line north.  Into a small bay with no outlet.  Back to the Hudson and around some islands.

Cross the Hudson into another weed choked bay.  Stopped at a sandy beach near the bay.  Saw an immature Bald Eagle.  Entered the bay.  We scared off a couple of Double-crested Cormorants, some Canada Geese and a pair Mute Swans.

Left the bay, back into the Hudson then north again into Stockport Creek.  Then back south to the DEC boat ramp.
Athens Paddle
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Map of paddle
Athens Boat Launch sign
John unloading kayaks from car
Mary ready to paddle
Route 385 bridge over Murderer's Creek
John stopped by low bridge and rocks and debris
John stops under Route 385 bridge to apply sun screen
John pauses near boat ramp
Mary in front of Athen DEC boat ramp
John follows the west shore north
John passing a yatch club in Athens
John looks at duck blind on the bank
Mary looks for wildlife in the waterplants
John looking for birds in the grass
Mary stops for a drink on the Hudson
John on the Hudson River
On the right - a sandy beach for a break
Immature Bald Eagle in a tree
A flying immature Bald Eagle
Another shot of the immature Bald Eagle
About to land in a tree