Esopus Creek Paddle
(Above the Waterfall)
13 August 2006

Put in at the 'Village of Saugerties Beach' public boat ramp.  There is a small park and sandy beach swimming area.  We headed downstream just under the Route 9W bridge.  We could just see the top of the dam that meant a large drop on the other side.

Headed upstream we passed a small part of Saugerties and some nice waterfront houses.  The houses ended and a very natural feel came to the creek.  We stopped and had lunch when the path was no longer navigable with huge rocks and a rapids.
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Hope you enjoy the pictures
Park sign
Adult Mute Swans and a cygnet (young swan)
View of Saugerties Beach from the creek
map of trip
Family of Mute Swans
Four Mute Swans
John paddles towards the Route 9W bridge
The 9W bridge over the Esopus Creek
Another shot of the 9W bridge
The Esopus Creek
A few ducks hiding under a tree
The park beach, swimming area & Mute Swan family
Panoramic of the creek
Some views of the creek
Some views of the creek
Paddling behind some stores and waterfront properties
Some nice waterfront properties