Esopus Creek Paddle
(Above the Waterfall)
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Hope you enjoy the pictures
An American Crow on the creek bank
Another shot of the American Crow
Mary poses near a steep hill of stone
Closer picture of Mary and the stone hill
John paddling on the Esopus Creek
A bunch of ducks & a green lawn reflects on the water
A couple of kayakers going the opposite direction
How do the trees grow on the sheer rock wall???
Near the end of the navigable creek
The water flows over and between the rocks
A Great Blue Heron somewhere on all that rock
A Great Blue Heron on the rocks
Another shot of the Great Blue Heron
A little Downy Woodpecking looking for food
A of fish visible thru the clear water
Mary next to the kayaks as we break for lunch
You can see the boulder cover creek bottom
Another view of the rocky creek bed
John scrambling up the bank with lunch
A little toad joined us for lunch