Esopus Creek Paddle
(Above the Waterfall)
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Couple paddle past a canoe as we have lunch
John - back in the kayak again
Mary waits for John to catch up
Nice view of the creek
A power boat towing a float up & down the creek
A beautifully maintained property
A dragonfly takes a rest on my kayak
More waterfront properties
Must be nice - having a rope swing in your own back yard
A Green Heron watches us from a tree
A couple kayakers headed upstream
My kayak, on the water, a beautiful day - who could ask for more?
Nice view of the Saugerties Beach and boat ramp area
Kayaking class on the creek
Masion - front on 9W, back on the creek
The Mute Swan family again
Back at the Route 9W bridge over the Esopus Creek