Kinderhook Lake
29 July 2006

Put in at a D.E.C. / Kinderhook Lake public access.  There is a real boat ramp for lake members only, for non-members a grass/sand ramp for hand launching only.

Paddle on Valatie Kill under Route 28 bridge then under a tunnel/train bridge.  Continue on Valatie Kill past many houses finally into Kinderhook Lake. The lake was calm and pleasant until the motor boats started to chop it up.  We circumnavigated the lake and then back out the Valatie Kill back to the D.E.C. boat ramp.
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John cleaning out his kayak
DEC sign
Looking away from the lake on Valatie Kill
The train bridge that provides access to Kinderhook Lake
Mary about to paddle thru the train bridge/tunnel
Past the train bridge on Valatie Kill
Darning Needle (dragonfly or whatever) takes a break
A domestic & hybrid duck
A domestic & hybrid duck - a little closer
A view of Valatie Kill
First view of Kinderhook Lake
Kinderhook Lake
John on Kinderhook Lake
Lake side houses
Waterfront property
View of the lake and a nice waterfront house
Some Canada Geese on the lake
Looking across the lake