Papscanee Creek
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Hope you enjoy the pictures
No road.  Just the 'I' beams & supports
John picking his way between the mud flats
Another good shot of a Belted Kingfisher
All that mud showing and the tide is still going out
Very lush growth around the creek
The creek gets really narrow around the bend
A Solitary Sanpiper hunts in the mud
Another shot of the Solitary Sandpiper
Last angle of the Solitary Sandpiper
Mary heads back under old bridge
Mary as she goes under the bridge
Back on open calm, deeper waters
John about to go under the train bridge
Looks like old wooden supports under the bridge
Another Solitary Sandpiper
Another Solitary Sandpiper
Nice flat water creek to paddle - should have done at high tide, not low
John takes a break - look at all that mud
The mudflat on the left is where we walked our kayaks earlier
A last view of the creek