South Carolina Vacation
Magnolia Plantation
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Audubon Swamp Garden
1 Oct 2006 (Day 2)

Looking at brochures we picked up at the South Carolina Welcome Center, Mary found one for 'Magnolia Plantation & Gardens'.  It is located just north of Charleston and only about an hour and a half away.  The brochure sounded pretty good and they even had kayaking on their own water trail.

Well . . . they don't allow kayaking or canoeing on their property anymore.  Seems their insurance went up by a lot based on the water trail so they dropped it. 9

We spent the day walking around the gardens enjoying the South Carolina autumn.  The weather was picture perfect and in the 80's.  We couldn't have asked for a better day.

They also have the 'Audubon Swamp Garden'.  There seemed to be swamps and water all over the place.  I don't understand what made this part different, other then they could charge a separate fee for walking these paths.
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Slave housing
Outside of the slave's house
Geese around the slave housing
Inside the Ante Bellum cabin
Inside the Ante Bellum cabin - a loom & a bed
Behind the Ante Bellum cabin
John with geese near the dining tent
One of many beautiful plants in the garden
History of the gardens
Mary poses with a statue
The gardens had some pretty ponds
John on a foot bridge over water
The water the red bridge spans
Spanish Moss and a warm October day - must be in the south
Replica of boat used to move cotton on the water
A Great Egret flies past
A Great Egret in a tree over the river
View of the pretty river
Another view of the river