South Carolina Vacation
Pinckney Island Paddle
2 Oct 2006 (Day 3)

Mary & John spend the day paddling around Pinckney Island. The entire Island is a National Wildlife Refuge.  The only road to the island is also the only road on and off Hilton Head Island and is pretty busy.

It was an interesting paddle.  Reading about the area we expected to see more wildlife than we did. We did see birds and some dolphins.

The paddle was relaxing until we entered unsheltered waters trying to get around the east end of the island.  The waves were coming from behind and the wind was coming from the side.  We had to pay attention to stay upright.  When we rounded the corner of the island it got worse.  The waves were being channeled between the island and the mainland.  The wind was also being channeled and now the wind and waves were both pushing us.  The water got shallower so the crests were taller and the waves and wind kept on coming. We both survived without a capsize but talk about a crash course in kayak surfing!
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Map of paddle route
Sign for park where we parked and put-in & take-out
View from the park
The bridge from the mainland to Pinckney Island (& then on to Hilton Head)
A Brown Pelican in flight
Another shot of the Brown Pelican
A gull stands on a cement piling
A feral cat in the park
A man fishing from the park's floating dock
A small crab in the water near the boat ramp
A small crab on the boat ramp - they were all over the place
Pinckney Island NWR entrance sign
The bridge from Pinckney Island to Hilton Head Island
Skull Creek (wonder why that name?)
Another shot of bridge to Hilton Head Island over Skull Creek
Probably an Osprey nest
Mary paddling under the bridge to Hilton Head Island
Hmmm . . . looks like that big pleasure craft is headed right for us
A Great Egret on the beach
The big power is gonna miss us!