Wappinger Creek
9 July 2006

We put in at a privately owned but open to the public boat ramp.  The first thing you notice about the ramp is the sign next to it "USE BOAT RAMP AT YOUR OWN RISK".  Next thing you notice is that the boat ramp does need some help.

We first headed north-east to try to see the lower side of the dam/waterfall.  We stopped and turned around when we could see a small rapids and a factory that was discharging enough water to make strange currents near the rapids.

We paddles south-west all the way to the Hudson River.  There is a draw train bridge at the mouth of the creek.

Very pretty creek with few houses.  Fairly natural in appearance except for all the Water Chestnut plants.  A very pleasant paddle.

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One of the few times I remember to put on sun screen before getting in the kayak
Sign at boat ramp
The boat ramp
Look at all the Water Chestnut on the creek
Factory/Office space right on the creek
Old bridge over the creek
Odd currents and a small rapids turned us around
A Great Blue Heron
A couple of Tree Swallows on a dead tree
A Tree Swallow
An Eastern Painted Turtle
Another kayaker on a sit-on-top
A Great Blue Heron
A Spotted Sandpiper on the shore
A Spotted Sandpiper on the shore
A lot of water plants
A Green Heron walks on water (plants)
A view of Wappinger Creek
John heads under a bridge over the creek
Bridge over the creek
Could have been a cute picture of a Mallard family
An old barge rotting in the creek