Wappinger Lake, NY
8 July 2006

Looking for a new place to paddle we thought we would try a place we drove over many times in our car.  Wappinger Lake/Creek on Route 9.

We found a public boat launch and went for it.  The lake itself has many very shallow areas and the creek (under the Route 9 bridge) was very scenic.

All in all a very pleasant paddle day.
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The park and the dirt boat launch area
Mary waits for John to catch up
Plane flew overhead while we were paddling
John paddles while two Mute Swans stand in the middle of the lake
Mute Swan in flight
A pair of Mute Swans
Mary catches John trying to take a picture
Wappinger Lake shoreline near Route 9
John paddles toward the Route 9 bridge
A pair of Mallard Ducks
In Wappinger Creek (out the north-east part of the lake)
The end of our paddle north - stopped by a small waterfall
Waterfall on Wappinger Creek
Panoramic of the waterfall area on Wappinger Creek
Wappinger Creek waterfall and thick woods
Close-up of the waterfall
Fishing from a small boat on Wappinger Creek
Wappinger Creek
Two men fishing from a small boat
2 Eastern Painted Turtles