Wappinger Lake, NY
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Another Eastern Painted Turtle next to the grass
A larger Eastern Painted Turtle
Mary paddles towards the Route 9 bridge
People fishing by the Route 9 bridge
A family of Canada Geese
2 people fish from a boat (middle) while John (right) get a picture of the Mute Swans (left)
A pair of Mute Swans & the boat ramp/dock in the background
A Mute Swan takes to the air
A Mute Swan
Mute Swam runs on water to get to flying speed
Beautiful Weeping Willow Tree
Eastern Kingbird sits on a wire fence
The Eastern Kingbird in a tree
Mary got another picture of John taking a picture
When we saw this sign - we turned around!
The dam area
Another view of the lake
Final view of Wappinger Lake