Stissing Pond, Pine Plains, NY
June 23, 2007

We just couldn't decide where to kayak today.  Getting a late start and not having any plans.  I wanted to paddle south from Germantown but the wind was really blowing so the river was out.

We settled on Stissing Pond.  A small pond near Pine Plains, NY, near Route 199.  To access the lake, from Route 199 take Lake Rd south.  Follow Lake Road and make a left onto Beach Road.  The public launch is close to the turn and on your right.

The day was windy and even a small pond like Stissing Pond had white caps.  The wind driven waves did dictate our route in some areas.  Didn't get a lot of pictures due to the weather.
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Map of our paddle route
Lions Club sign at public launch
The day looks nice - but even in this protected area the water is choppy
Mary takes a picture of the pond
Some of the shoreline is very swampy
Stissing Mountain seen in the distance
Pond scenery
John paddles around the vegetation
Mary scans the shore for wildlife
Fire tower on top of Stissing Mountain
Very clean water and a lot of plants
John in the slightly choppy waters
Mute Swam family (3 cygnets)
Mute Swan
Mary paddles along the shoreline
Beautiful waterfront property
3 Eastern Painted Turtles
Another nice property
Mary caught John admiring the property