Hudson River, Germantown, NY
June 24, 2007

The last Hudson River paddle we did was from Germantown, but we headed north to the Rip Van Winkle Bridge.  This time we launched at Germantown and headed south.

We made it as far as a public park/boat launch in Cheviot.  Quiet paddle.  Not much traffic on the Hudson River this day.  As we were setting up our kayaks for the day's paddle we met a man that stood on a surfboard and paddled.  He is the first few pictures for this paddle.

We try to paddle down one bank and back up the other side when we do the Hudson River.  But in the section the channel is very close to the other shore.  We liked the peace and quiet so we stayed on the eastern side in both directions.
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Paddling a surfboard on the Hudson River
A surfboard paddler heads upriver
Cement plant and Catskill Mountains
An adult Canada Goose and 3 goslings
A good look at a cement plant on the western shore of the Hudson River
Interesting rocks and drift wood
A mature Bald Eagle
An immature Bald Eagle
View of the shoreline
Another immature Bald Eagle
The first immature flew to another perch
The immature was almost over my head
The immature Bald Eagle flies away
An adult Bald Eagle watches us from the distance
Some Day Lilies next to the river
The Germantown waterfront
Map of day's paddle
Waterfront park in Cheviot
Gray Catbird
Gray Catbird