Hudson River, Cheviot, NY
July 1, 2007

This day's paddle/pedal is out of Cheviot, in Columbia County, NY.  We had hoped to paddle south to Tivoli but the weather was not on our side.

The wind was blowing pretty hard and at the start the tide was about at it's lowest.  The wind was blowing from north to south so it was at our backs for the beginning of the pedal.  All we had to do was hold up our paddle, sit back and let the wind push us.

After we got a couple of miles south the tide was headed in (north) and the wind was headed out (south).  That made for some nasty chop and rough waters.  The total distance for the day was about 4 miles.  We took a short break on a spit of land that stuck out from the bank and had a beach.
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Hope you enjoy the pictures
Scenic shot at launch site
Mary at the start of the day's paddle
I know you can't tell - but that dot in the center is a Bald Eagle
A Great Blue Heron with a fish
map of day's paddle/pedal
The Catskills and clouds
A private foot bridge over the train tracks
A view from our break
In the background, the Catskill Mountains
Our Hobie sit-on-top kayaks
John taking a picture
Hudson River view
Mary paddles in at the end of the day