Basha Kill, NY
July 7, 2007

We tried to find a new place to paddle.  We found Rio Reservoir on a web site and it sounded interesting.  Printed out directions and headed out.  Well . . . after getting totally lost and turned around on back roads, we ended up back on Route 209 (the road the Basha Kill is on) and decided to do the Basha Kill again.

It is always a fun place to paddle.  Lots of birds, mostly Red-winged Blackbirds.  But we did see a couple of Ospreys, a couple of immature Bald Eagles and a few Great Blue Herons.  We saw a Cedar Waxwing, but the photos aren't any good.

We did manage a first for us.  We put in at the D.E.C. launch area and managed to paddle to the Haven Road bridge.  All in all, a very nice day on the water.
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Map of paddle route
View across the water weeds
John passes a row boat leaving the launch area
John in one of the few areas of open water
Turtle sunning on clump of roots
An Osprey flies overhead
Two other people enjoying the lake
Close-up of the Osprey
A family paddles together
Mary looks for wildlife along the shore
Two Eastern Painted Turtles warming in the sun
We stop for lunch
A view from our lunch stop
Good thing I don't care what I look like, huh?
John goes up the observation platform stairs
John on the observation platform
Mary & kayaks - from the observation platform
View from the observation platform
View from the observation platform
Basha Kill sign