Thompson Pond Hike, Pine Plains, NY
July 8, 2007

We decided to leave the kayaks at home and go for a hike.  We were thinking about hiking to the top of Stissing Mountain to see the view from a Fire Watch Tower, but realized the path was way too steep for our first hike of the year.

We found the trail that goes around Thompson Pond.  It is owned by the Nature Conservancy.  The trail is maintained but does need some work.  The elevated walks over the wet and marshy areas are missing boards and a couple were very unstable.

A nice walk.  Not a lot of wildlife to be seen but you surrounded by nature (except the last leg that follows a some corn fields and a cow pasture.
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"Leave only footprints, take only memories"
(...and maybe some pictures)
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The trail marker
The start of the trail up to Stissing Mountain Fire Tower
Map of our hike
The 'trail' looks like it is based on a washout
A trail marker
A Red-eyed Vireo (I think)
John on the hiking trail
The woods around Thompson Pond
A Pickerel Frog
A Registered Natural Landmark
Mary poses on a large rock
The woods floor is covered with ferns
The hiking trail
A peek at Thompson Pond
Another view of the pond
View of Thompson Pond
A male Downy Woodpecker looking for insects
The area is swampy in parts
A family of Mute Swans
Bench dedicated by 'The Nature Conservancy'