Nockamixon State Park, PA
July 14, 2007

A trip to Pennsylvania for a weekend visit with Rob & Dana.  Stayed at a Marriot.

We met Rob at Nockamixon State Park.  The three of us spent the day kayaking on the lake.  A nice large lake with several sections to explore.

We had nice time on a nice lake.
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"Leave only footprints, take only memories"
(...and maybe some pictures)
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Town sign
Map of paddle route
A Great Blue Heron
John & Rob paddling their kayaks
Under the bridge to another section of the lake
Scenic shot of the lake
Rob in his new S.O.T. kayak
Can you find the Great Blue Heron?
Close-up of the Great Blue Heron
The shore line is very wooded
Mary navigates thru the lilies
A Great Blue Heron
House at the end of the lake
Rob paddling his new kayak
A Belted Kingfisher
An Eastern Painted Turtle
A couple in a canoe
A couple on a tandem kayak
A Whooping Swan
John paddles past the Whooping Swan
An interesting rock formation