Hudson River, Coxsackie, NY
July 24, 2007

In the middle of my shift rotation, I had a weekday off.  I decided to go kayaking and that I wanted to try to get some pictures of Bald Eagles.  No better place to do that around here than Coxsackie D.E.C. boat launch.

Every time we have launched from Coxsackie we have seen many Bald Eagles.  This day was no exception.  A very nice day on the river and many Bald Eagles.

About a six mile paddle.
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"Leave only footprints, take only memories"
(...and maybe some pictures)
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The boat launch sign
A gentleman fishing from kayak
Map of paddle route
A bunch of Blue-winged Teals on the shore
Looks like many woodpeckers have lived in this snag
A Great Blue Heron in a tree
A Great Blue Heron in flight
A Bald Eagle
A Bald Eagle
What a beautiful calm day it was
I feel I'm being watched . . .
A homemade pontoon boat
hmmm, there's that 'watched' feeling again . . .
A Great Blue Heron on a dead tree
Water chestnuts are everywhere
Anybody need a 'used' car?
A Great Blue Heron
Juvenile Spotted Sandpiper (?)