Hudson River, Coxsackie, NY
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"Leave only footprints, take only memories"
(...and maybe some pictures)
An juvenile Bald Eagle on the river bank
Another juvenile Bald Eagle on the river bank
immature Bald Eagle in flight
A juvenile & adult
A chocolate colored juvenile Bald Eagle
A Great Blue Heron taking flight
A Great Blue Heron in flight
A barge & tug headed down river
An adult Spotted Sandpiper
A river side village
A Muskrat in the Hudson River
2 American Crows
Another juvenile Spotted Sandpiper
A female Downy Woodpecker
I did get caught in a quick shower
An immature Bald Eagle
A Bald Eagle's nest on Rattlesnake Island
A beautiful house along the Hudson River
I'm just dreaming!
A Great Blue Heron