Esopus Creek
Saugerties, NY
"Leave only footprints, take only memories"
(...and maybe some pictures)
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September 3, 2007

We went for a short paddle on the Esopus Creek.  We parked at the village beach/park in the village.

We paddled until the rocks stopped our progress then headed back.

I did not bring my good camera, and I hate myself for that.  Missed some good photos! :-(
On the water again, with the Catskills in the background
An Osprey soared right over our heads
Other kayakers on the Esopus
Huge rock with a tree growing from the middle of it
John takes a picture
Some ducks swim away from us
A Great Blue Heron stands on a dock
Again - the Great Blue Heron
Bird house gourds growing down from a frame
A nice view of the creek away from the houses
A rock wall slopes down to the water
A rock ledge completely blocks the way
Mary examines the rock ledge
Headed back, this shows the rock wall
A beautiful creek-side log cabin
Trees seem to sprout from every crack or crevice
2 kayakers head towards us while a power plays in the background
John admires some water front property
A few Blue-winged Teals
Couple in a canoe round the bend