Poets Walk
Red Hook / Rhinebeck, NY
"Leave only footprints, take only memories"
(...and maybe some pictures)
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September 16, 2007

We decided to talk a short hike today and leave the kayaks at home.  We always drive past a place called 'Poets Walk' between Red Hook & Rhinebeck.  We decided to explore it.

The place is not huge and the total hike, to explore all the paths and sights, is probably less than 4 miles.  Most of the trails are manicured and easy, but some of the walk is on grades and steps. 

Go to
'http://www.hvnet.com/features/poetwalk.htm' for more information and a map of the area.  The park is owned and maintained by: The Scenic Hudson Land Trust, Inc., a not-for-profit land conservation organization affiliated with Scenic Hudson, Inc

We have tried to identify the types of wildflowers, but will little luck.  I will put the name with the picture if I can . . . otherwise it is just a 'wildflower'.
Google Earth map of park
The welcome kiosk - sign in, info & maps
An Arbor made of logs
Flowering Golden Rod
Pretty wildflower (maybe 'White Snakeroot)
Unknown odd wildflower
A couple walking hand-in-hand
Looks like the 'Red Baron' is giving plane rides
A Wooly Bear Caterpillar
An Orange Sulphur Butterfly
Goldenrod wildflower
A Paper Wasp visits some Goldenrod
A Red-tailied Hawk flies past
Another pretty wildflower
A scenic picture including a rustic pavillion
Scenery with rustic bench & Catskill Mountains